The Ivory Sons

About the Artist

TIS is the culmination of untamed passion, mystic grooves, friendship, and love. Hailing from the murky mires of South Louisiana, it’s members have been active for 10 years running.

Learning to navigate the world of music post pandemic, the band continues to reinvent itself and move towards what the band has always been at its core, a fluid and constantly evolving dreamscape of vibrant sound. Over the years TIS has been known for its energetic and captivating live performances, delivering one of a kind handmade merchandise, and lyrics and melodies that stay with you long after the song has ended. Stylistically, TIS is a dreamy haze of progressive and psychedelic rock, built on the backbone of Funk, Soul, Experimental, and Electronic music. 

At the helm, Cody Peltier is serving up spitfire solos on guitar, heartfelt lyricism, and melodies that linger and haunt the spirit. A true powerhouse on stage, Cody is no stranger to belting out big choruses while shredding through spellbinding riffs on guitar, transcending a higher plain created by the rich sounds emanating from his hands and voice. Cody is the core of TIS. On bass guitar and drums are Robert Moon and Dustin Eagan, who comprise a rhythm section known for creating a visceral energy in live settings with calculated grooves, that lend texture and a foundation to the music. 

Out of the dark and muddy swamp, TIS finds its footing; this time as a part of Lantern Light!